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Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens Shady and Moist


Designing With Natives is a program of Keystone Conservation Trust, a 501(C)(3) non profit organization. All money collected from these materials goes to support conservation projects, community native gardens, grants, awards and innovative community conservation projects.

Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens Shady and Moist


Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens Shady and Moist

from 150.00

Native plants are plants that naturally grow where you live and are a key ingredient of a pollinator friendly garden. They are beautiful, adapted to your precipitation and soil conditions, and they don’t need artificial fertilization, pesticides or even lots of water. Native wildflowers provide the nectar for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. They provide nursing seeds and fruits for our feathered friends and they offer nesting sites and shelter from harm. And because they are indigenous to a specific region, native plants usually require little maintenance and are welcomed by wildlife, serving a critical role in the local ecosystem. They are also low maintenance.

They also play a critical role in the local ecosystem as the starting point for every food chain—insects evolved to feed on native plants, and 95 percent of all migrating birds eat insects. Native plants are also very beautiful and have the bloom time that matches the needs of beneficial insects and butterflies.

The cost for one garden is $150 including shipping to locations in southeastern PA. Two gardens cost $240 if shipped together. Shipping costs are included.

Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens are delivered to your home. They feature an example garden layout, a host of easy-growing, perennial flowers so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape from spring until fall. Each order comes in a box with 50 plant plugs of six different species. Each garden also includes plant list and a seasonal color chart, plant profiles and instructions for:

  • Garden set-up
  • Bed layout
  • Planting
  • Plant care
  • Ready to go native Wildflower gardens are available from April to September.
  • Plants are shipped to your home by UPS (not post offices). Orders are shipped on Monday and Tuesday each week.
  • Orders are shipped as they are received, unless the customer requests a specific ship date.
  • Shipping charges are included in the garden price.
  • Your plants will need to go in the ground as soon as possible after they arrive, so prepare the planting site in advance. Have mulch handy, as well as any amendments or fertilizers you might need.
  • Plants are perishable, so handle with care. They will be well- packed, so unpack them very slowly and carefully. Plants will arrive in trays. If plants seem dry, water them. If you are unable to plant them right away, plants can be held in cool shade for up to 2 weeks. Poke two small drain holes in the bottom of the bag, keep them in partial shade, and treat them just as you would treat any potted plant.
  • The photographs highlight mature plants at peak bloom. Your plant may take up to 2-3 years to reach maturity, and most perennials will not bloom the first year.
  • We do everything in our power to ensure the health of your plant order, however sometimes damage does occur. 99% of the time, UPS does a great job delivering our plants just the way we packed them.
  • The native plant supplier is ArcheWIld Nursery
Shady and Moist Garden:
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