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Resource Guide

Communities, businesses and residents are tackling major environmental challenges on a relatively limited budget. Take full advantage of the resources provided by Designing With Natives to increase efficiency in environmental stewardship and create seasonal beauty while you maximize your resources.

Invest time in understanding the role of Designing With Natives in everything from policy decisions to personal choices.  Backyard Conservation Design experts are available to help.  Make use of their skills and expertise to enhance your contribution to your family and community.

A List of 20 Designing With Native’s Available Conservation Resources

Creating a Legacy

The nature benefits calculator for homeowners
Attend a workshop on Basic Training in Backyard Conservation Design
Take a 10 week class on line and become certified in Backyard Conservation Design
Have a Backyard Conservation Designer Contact you (free)
Win a Backyard Conservation Design Award

Conservation Design

Learn how habitat benefits you
Learn the basic steps on how to do Backyard Conservation Design
Purchase books on different aspects of Backyard Conservation Design
Learn why Backyard Conservation Design is important
Learn where to buy native plants close to your home
Learn how to get help when starting a municipal garden
Select native plants for your own yard
Learn how to decide if you are water or carbon neutral
Purchased a Ready to go native wildflower garden

Nature Literacy

Take a quiz to test your environmental literacy
Attend a Lecture on Nature Literacy

Community Benefits

Learn how Designing With Natives helps in engagement policy makers and residients
Measure the benefits of a Green Neighborhood
Have DWN staff complete a financial analysis of natural system services for your township
Have DWN Staff help prioritize lands that provide the highest financial returns
Measure Community impacts
Have DWN staff train your recreation staff on How Manage a Natural Park