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Nature Literacy

For more than 350 years, Native Americans, anthropologists, politicians, Supreme Court Justices, poets, scientists and a Pope, along with countless other very smart people, have noted the importance of respecting and protecting nature.  However, people may not understand how to integrate respect for nature in their daily life or may not know where to start.

Never in our history has the rate of learning and innovation been greater than it is right now.  And never in our history has the gap between our rate of learning and our basic understanding of nature been greater.  If we don’t start closing this gap, we cannot expect our quality of life, health, sense of place, cost of living and economy to maintain or improve in the future.  Learning about environmental stewardship and demonstrating respect for nature and how it benefits our daily lives, is an important community and family value.  We call this Nature Literacy

A growing body of evidence is now identifying the wide array of health, social, and economic benefits that nature provides.  Nature Literacy is a series of fun quizzes, lectures, videos and brief, well-documented discussions on the history of nature appreciation, understanding the benefits of nature, the informal rules of ecology and natural solutions that can be part of our culture and daily life.

Understanding the Benefits of Nature-


The History of Conservation   under development

How Nature Literate are you?


Understanding the benefits of Nature-


Nature at Work- The Informal Rules of Ecology-

Topics covered:

  • Everything is connected to everything else (under development)
  • Everything has to go somewhere (under development)
  • Everything is always changing (under development)
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch (under development)
  • Everything has limits (under development)

Natural Solutions- How we become better stewards of nature

Download the free PDF

  • Garden Design (lawn and garden)
  • Good Habitat (lawn and garden)
  • Water Neutral (lawn and garden)
  • Carbon Neutral (lawn and garden)
  • Manage chemicals and waste (lawn and garden)
  • Plant Selection (lawn and garden)
  • Plant Maintenance (lawn and garden)