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Conservation Design

Every person’s yard can become their favorite room in the house and play a meaningful role in their daily life. A yard can make a significant environmental contribution to stormwater management, water quality and supply, flood protection, water treatment costs, clean air, pollination, food and shelter for migrating and resident birds and wildlife. It can also create a healthy place to relax, play, entertain and have fun. 

People can be inspired by the beauty and healing powers of nature while experiencing amazing beauty, birds, butterflies, sounds and fragrances.  Whether you hire help or do it yourself, the process of creating valuable habitat can save money on medical expenses, energy, water and lawn care while increasing the value of one of your greatest assets—your home. Meanwhile, you are helping to reduce your community's cost of living and taxes. Best of all, you, your family, nature and community all get better with age.


Backyard Conservation Design

Here are some downloadable pdfs with conservation design solutions.

Comparison of Traditional Versus Native Garden Design:  The impact of Backyard Conservation Design on you and your community. download free pdf file

Top Ten Things to do in your yard download free pdf file

Interactive Backyard Conservation Design (in development)

Basic Steps to Beautiful Habitat and Stewardship:  Step by step description of Backyard Conservation Design. download free pdf file

Assistance from Certified Backyard Conservation Designers:  Help with a design or instillation click here.

Pollination video

Where to Get Native Plants Map link here

Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens:  Prepackaged gardens from a local nursery. Order in our store. The cost for one garden is $150 including shipping to locations in southeastern PA. Two gardens cost $240 if shipped together. Shipping costs are included.

Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens Sunny and Moist
Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens - Shady and Dry
Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens Shady and Moist
Ready To Go Native Wildflower Gardens - Sunny and Dry

Getting Started with a Native Community Garden:  How to start a native community garden in your township. (In development)

Native Plant Search Engine - Find the native plants you need.