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The tall trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers, along with birds, butterflies and wildlife create a lush and intricate beauty found only here. From the first colors of spring to the color burst of summer and from the changing blush of leaves in the fall to the showy evergreens and majestic silhouettes of trees in winter comes the natural beauty created by this ecosystem.

By seamlessly blending the boundaries between your home and your surroundings, your family will be inspired by nature’s wonders and the healing powers of the natural world. Being home will not seem like be an escape from nature, but rather an intrinsic part of it.

Every window in our house is a picture frame for the blossoms of spring, the stillness of summer and the colors of the fall. If you Design With Natives, your yard, provides a place to relax, play, entertain or a paint box for your children’s imagination.

Learn simple steps to understand how each place is unique and how we need to work with our natural surroundings, cycles and native plants in each design. Do-it-yourself designers can implement places that are healthy, beautiful and inspiring, relaxing and low maintenance.

Designing your own landscape allows you to play with nature by grouping some of the showiest native plants together, giving a much more decorative look than might naturally occur. You also can design an interesting layout that works with different areas of color, height and even non-living materials. By constructing cleverly-designed paths, walls, open areas and water features and adding decor, benches, play areas and other interesting spaces, you can create a fabulous garden with native plants. You can add your favorite annuals, too.

Native plants are diverse. There are plants that grow near or even in water, as well as native plants that grow in dry areas. Some will grow naturally in shade, some in sun and others will need a combination. As a result, you will have an abundance of plants to choose from.

You don't have to use native plants exclusively in your garden. But if you create gardens for native plants—perhaps in areas around the peripheral borders of your landscape or mix some planter areas in with your regular gardens—you will be able to participate in the wonderful world of gardening with native plants. We recommend that you try to use native plants and trees in 50% of your garden area.